Friday, October 3, 2008

this is where I lived

photo by Here on the Road

I drove from Montesano to Aberdeen
From Aberdeen to Pacific Beach
A pocket full of wrong numbers
Has anybody seen Shannon Rhodes?

I see her from the window of my memory
Standing like an angel down the hall
I'll call when I get home this evening
Has anybody seen Shannon Rhodes?

Some say she moved in with her lover
The man her mother could not stand
"Ma, he only hits me when he's angry"
Has anybody seen Shannon Rhodes?

Four miles from the highway they found her
Lying in the tall grass by the road
Murdered by the hands of her lover
Goodbye, goodbye, Shannon Rhodes?

Yesterday I went out to her gravesite
The same day that her lover stood his trail
At her grave I stood there and remembered
All my days with Shannon Rhodes.

Shannon Rhodes
by Damien Jurado


caught in the trees said...

did i miss you in brooklyn? i was just there three days ago. when did you leave nashville?

JanelleGrace said...
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nadia said...

what a strong poem